Monday, March 9, 2015

Tama Imperialstar King-Beat snare: Replacement Lugs

Far left = lugs prone to crack

It's a well-known fact that early-80's Tama Imperialstar "King-Beat" snares and some Superstar (Mastercraft) models have lugs that are prone to crack under extreme pressure.

Drum sites are full of guys lamenting a busted lug on their beloved old 80's Tama.

Looking for replacement lugs?

Well, you've just found 'em.

I'm gonna keep this post short and to the point:
  • Do not try lugs with 2" (51mm) spacing for your old Tama snare!!!
  • You need 1-15/16 inches (49mm)
  • You can get 1 15/16" lugs in Europe from ST Drums
  • This baby right here: ST-LUGSNDO80
They will work perfectly for your Tama snare. I also heard they may work for Rogers Dynasonic, which apparently also has 1 15/16" spacing center-to-center.

My snare with ST Drums lugs, model ST-LUGSNDO80

This is a 2" lug. It won't work.

You want this. From ST Drums. Model ST-LUGSNDO80.

(Pardon my cats)


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